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Therapy for Health Issues

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Your physical and mental health have a symbiotic relationship with each other. If one starts to decline, it is likely that the other will feel some effects as well. For example, someone diagnosed with a chronic health condition such as cancer or diabetes can be more prone to suffering from depression, anxiety, and excessive stress. Likewise, someone who is depressed may have a hard time taking care of themselves, and their body will begin to suffer because of it.

Participating in therapy to process and manage health issues is important for both psychological and physical wellbeing. Don’t fall into the trap of asking “is this more of a physical or mental problem?” as they can deter you from seeking the help you need. If you feel physical discomfort, see a doctor, and if you are concerned about your mental health, see a therapist. Addressing these problems so you can start feeling better is the primary goal.

Therapy Can Improve Your Physical Health

Studies have shown that having a positive mindset, using relaxation skills, and using positive psychological resources can assist in healing time after surgery, recovering from cancer treatments, and regulating blood pressure levels, in addition to other benefits.

Ask yourself the following questions regarding whether you could benefit from therapy for health issues:

  • Recently been diagnosed with a disease or illness?
  • Having difficulty managing the illness or disease?
  • Experiencing depression because of deterioration in health?
  • Having a hard time talking to loved ones about your health concerns?
  • Are you tired of avoiding people because of your health concerns?
  • Do you want assistance in improving your mindset and identifying and using positive psychological resources?
  • You ready to live your life to the fullest despite your health issues?

Feeling relaxed and knowing how to manage stress and anxiety can improve your blood pressure, reduce the frequency of headaches, diminish feelings of nausea, and more. Therapy is not a replacement for medical care when you have a serious condition that requires treatment, but it can help you manage the symptoms. Additionally, some physical symptoms are caused solely by stress and anxiety, which doctors will not be able to help with. If you have had physical issues such as nausea or IBS that a doctor has been unable to find the cause of, therapy may be the treatment you need.

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