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Grief Counseling in Atlanta

Coping with the Loss of a Loved One

Receiving grief counseling after the loss of a loved one is beneficial to not only process painful emotions but also assist in overcoming grieving issues that may be impairing your ability to function daily. There are treatment options to assist in managing grief and depression and getting you to a hopeful, content place, living a more fulfilling, meaningful life.

Why Is Grief Counseling Important?

Grief is a natural reaction to a loss and can last from weeks to years. The grieving process is different for all people of various cultural backgrounds, religions, and ages. Losing a loved one can be one of the most difficult and painful experiences. Often the survivors are left with a number of painful emotions such as sadness, anger, denial, and numbness. Coping with and managing grief without therapy is not impossible, but many people have found it to be a valuable resource as they deal with these emotions and try to find a way forward.

There is no “timeline” for grief. Each person needs to grieve for as long as is necessary. However, the way a person grieves is very important. Staying in bed all day, every day, for example, is a sign of depression and it is unlikely these feelings will resolve themselves on their own if there is no effort to try and understand and process them.

If you are considering grief counseling for yourself or a loved one, ask yourself these questions. Are you:

  • Experiencing intense anger or sadness?
  • Feeling that life is empty and meaningless?
  • Having a hard time talking about your loss to where you have isolated from people?
  • Having difficulty finding or accepting support from others?
  • Neglecting self-care?
  • Feeling hopelessness and worthlessness?

Letting these feelings linger will only make them worse. We know it’s not as easy as just turning them off, but recognizing that they are taking over your life is an important first step for seeking out help. Finding a skilled psychologist who can guide you through the treatment process can help you process the loss, cope with grief in a healthy productive manner, and live a more meaningful, satisfying life.

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