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When selecting a therapist, it is important to be comfortable with and understand their treatment philosophy. Dr. Watson has vast experience with different treatment settings and treating individuals suffering from a variety of diverse issues and from various cultural backgrounds. She conducts therapy with a tailored treatment approach while remaining flexible, empathetic, and active in the process.

A key component of beneficial therapy is establishing a genuine relational connection. Dr. Watson creates this with her patients with therapy layered with warmth, understanding, interest, and concern. Our offices offer a supportive and safe environment for individuals where they can actively explore issues and experiment with new ways of thinking, behaving, and relating to others.

Therapy Sessions in Atlanta

During the first several sessions, Dr. Watson works with clients to collaboratively establish treatment goals to ensure there is a working relationship moving towards a common purpose. Throughout treatment, Dr. Watson and her clients discuss progress in order to move forward and establish additional goals, tweak existing goals, and ensure treatment is effective.

Dr. Watson uses a variety of techniques in therapy based on her clients’ goals. She defines her treatment approach as assimilative integrationist, meaning she assimilates evidence-based treatment approaches into therapy based on interpersonal relationships with her clients. She views the foundation of an individual’s personality, how they approach the world, and how they make sense of any experience as being influenced significantly by their early childhood experiences with significant others.

While exploring the past is an important aspect of therapy, Dr. Watson focuses predominately on the present and current patterns that serve to keep people stuck in feelings of distress and anxiety. She also highlights the strengths of her clients in order to build upon these strengths during treatment.

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